Cell Tower Silos

Cell tower silo

Sollenberger Silo offers a unique concealment solution that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. They are “cast-in-place” silos, designed with a minimum 6” wall thickness and steel reinforcing bars inside the wall. They are also equipped with an OSHA ladder or ladder with fall-arrest system, and openings in the wall as needed.

The antennas can be mounted on the outside of the wall or inside (near the top) and hidden by specially designed “stealth” panels. The silo towers can be self-contained with the antennas hidden and the equipment rooms inside the silo.

We are also building these silos for farm feed storage with companies mounting antennas on the outside of the multi-functional silos. The silo towers are strong enough to withstand storm and wind damage and are able to support many carriers. We build these silo towers on site in the following inside diameters: 16’, 18’, 20’, 24’, and 30’.  

These cell tower silos are designed individually for each site… 

Case Studies of Cell Tower Silos

Hagerstown, Maryland
Roanoke, Virginia