Farm Silos

Farm silos

Poured concrete silos are the best in feed storage. Silos store from 100 tons to 3,000 tons or more. Standard diameters are 16', 18', 20', 24', and 30'. When choosing feed storage, it is important to consider the effect that feed quality has on the profits of your farm. The limited spoilage and lower dry matter loss of a poured silo has helped many farms increase their efficiency. Another thing to consider is the lower labor requirements of an upright silo. With robotic unloading and feeding systems, many farms have been able to greatly reduce their labor costs. Not sure if a new silo is right for you? Contact us. We would be glad to give you a free, no-obligation quote.


Consider The Many Advantages of Poured Concrete Silos!!!

  • Our 6" thick (horizontal and vertical) solid concrete walls are strong enough to withstand heavy loads.
  • Our 6" walls are a monolithic (one piece) structure, with smooth and uniform diameter walls that help your unloader work more efficiently.
  • Our 6" thick solid concrete wall of 4,000 psi air-entrained concrete has a low-leak potential and is very low maintenance: no plaster needed now, or resealing in a few years.
  • Our 6" concrete walls have 780x more heat-resisting ability than steel, and 25x more insulating power than steel.
  • Tying horizontal and vertical steel together inside the concrete wall, creates tremendous strength to keep the silo round and resist storm damage. The steel inside the walls is protected from silage acids and weather.
  • Our poured concrete chute is an integral part of the silo; poured along with and tied into the wall.
  • Extra large cedar doors for longer life and greater strength, with steps and door hardware protected by hot-dip galvanization.
  • The outside ladder is hot-dip galvanized and cast in the wall to make a permanent, rigid ladder. A safety cage encloses the ladder.
  • Concrete strength, wall thickness, and steel schedules all exceed standards set by the International Silo Association, of which we are a member.
  • Our thicker, stronger walls help silage remain at a relatively constant temperature, resisting freezing and heat damage, and resulting in less spoilage and better silage.
  • When planning your forage programs, remember that your main objective is to "store the plant and remove it from storage in as good condition as possible." THE UPRIGHT SILO IS WITHOUT EQUAL IN ITS ABILITY TO DO THIS.



Case Studies of Farm Silos

Womelsdorf, PA
Lancaster, PA
Womelsdorf, PA
Berks County, PA