Largest Silo in USA

Large silo
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Berks County, PA

Currently the largest farm silo in the country! 

This silo is equipped with an elevated floor with 12’ clearance so feed trucks can drive through and be quickly loaded. The silo is equipped with the Big Jim Quantum unloader, making the system capable of loading 50-plus tons per hour, and unloading 800 to 1200 pounds per minute. The silo has over 94,000 cubic feet of storage capacity, and should hold over 4,000 tons of corn silage. The total capacity will depend upon moisture content, length of cut, filling rate, grain content of the silage and crop growing conditions.

The footer required 125 cubic yards of concrete; the silo with the drive-through tunnel required over 350 yards. There are over 9 miles of steel rebar in the entire project.

We build a lot of 16’, 18’, 20’, and 24’ diameter silos. The 20 ft. and larger silos can have the drive-thru option.