Brubaker Farms

Brubaker farm silos
20'x108' and 24'x108'
Silo Type:
Silo Usage:
Womelsdorf, PA

Pictured is a new dairy farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Sollenberger Silos was contracted to provide feed storage for this farm. The silos were built with our standard 6" thick wall, and cast-in-place concrete chute. As always, all the steel hardware was hot-dipped galvanized for years of maintenance-free service. The 20 foot silo can hold approximately 900 tons of feed and the 24 foot holds up to 1,500 tons. Each silo is equipped with a ring drive Valmetal™ unloader. This farm also has a completely automated feeding system. Silo unloading and feed mixing is done by a computer, saving hours of labor for the farmer every day.